Budva Health Center

Budva Health Center is an integral part of the health care system of Montenegro. In the past Health Budva in addition to primary health care which includes health education of the population, health of mother and child, including family planning, immunization, prevention of suppression of local endemic diseases, appropriate treatment of common diseases, providing medicines and medical materials, health protection of infants and preschool children, school children and youth, women, workers, and older people and left about 21,000 people with permanent residence in Budva and the number of tourists each year on Budva Riviera about 500,000 thousand.

Review of existing health services and their occupation

Health Center has, in its structure health station in Petrovac “Dr. Vojislav Franicevic”, Ambulance in Pržno general medicine, and in Rafailovici and dental clinics at the Health Center in Budva and in High school “ Danilo Kis”.
Health Centre in Budva implementing primary health care through its clinics, polyclinics, specijalističih and occasional clinics and general practitioners in addition to dental services and specialist services are permanent pediatrics, gynecology, occupational medicine, microbiology, biochemistry, internal medicine, diagnostics, Neuropsychiatry, and epidemiolngija ambulance service.
The health center in Budva has dialysis clinic at the thermal damage kidneys Holiday dializu.Otvaranjem the ambulance greatly improve healthcare in our community, and also increases the level of our tourism - health care deals.

The existence of specialized offices in other centers on providing the necessary specialist staff for the needs of citizens

Health Centre in Budva cooperate with other centers so that for this purpose there are occasional specialist clinics. Health Center works with the General Hospital in Kotor area of internal medicine dr. Slobodan Bjelica once a week, ophthalmologist dr. Zdravko Belada from the General Hospital Cetinje come every Wednesday, surgeons from the General Hospital Cetinje two to three times a month and a specialist urologist Dr. Momcilo Radovic from KC Podgorica.
The Health Center Budva for medical commission for a medical certificate which is done twice a month with specialist doctors, ophthalmologist dr. Branka Osenk, Neuropsychiatry others. Dubravka Mitrovic and psychologist Suzana Vucicevic.
Hiring the necessary specialized personnel mentioned above the quality and scope of services JU “Dom zdravlja” significantly increases the user provides comprehensive health care.

Veichle’s and technical equipment

Veichle’s to which this institution own is in a relatively good state, but the vehicle depreciation period is very short and fast because of their constant use in the transport of our policyholders and the insured parties during the tourist season in the hospital from Risan, Kotor, Bar, Cetinje and Podgorica to the and Niksic.

Technical equipment for the needs microbiological services procured and the autoclave vortex mixer and biochemical laboratory centrifuge drop and clinical and biochemical analyzer, a system for testing for the diagnosis of allergic, autoimmune diseases.

Helth Center Budva” physical functioning in six buildings, namely: Primary Health Care in Budva, Petrovac health station, clinic in St.. Stefan, general medicine clinic in Rafailovici, and Dentistry clinics in High shool “Danilo Kis”
The area of the Health in which provides primary health care is high quality and is about 4,500 m2, together with the Health Center in Budva, health station in Petrovac, clinics in Pržno-St. Stefan, general practice in Rafailovici and dental clinics.

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